Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Lincoln Amphitheatre

365 Days of Fun: Day 6
(A series of 365 of our favorite spots in our years of traveling as a family)

I love when we can take advantage of a sporting event, a concert or a show when we are traveling. One of the most memorable was a play - actually a musical if I remember correctly (it's been 6 years since we were there) - about Abraham Lincoln's life from his childhood to the end of his life as President of the United States called LINCOLN: Upon the Altar of Freedom. Seeing a production about Lincoln isn't that unusual. He's our country's most beloved and most celebrated president. What made this play stand out was the venue. It took place at the Lincoln Amphitheatre. Again, it's not unusual to be in a theatre named after Lincoln. There are tons of landmarks all over the country named after our 16th president - from schools to government buildings to streets. However, this one isn't just named for Lincoln. It's set in the forest at Lincoln State Park on the land that Lincoln himself once roamed as a boy.

Lincoln State Park is located in Lincoln City, Indiana where he spent his childhood and early adulthood, from age 7 to 21. The far southern Indiana community contains the Lincoln State Park and  the Lincoln Boyhood Home National Memorial, part of the National Park Service. The National Memorial is incredibly impressive with exhibits and recreations of significant parts of his life. Lincoln's mother is buried on the property and replicas of buildings that were there when the Lincolns inhabited the land can be toured and experienced though costumed guides when staffed at busy times of the year.

So, back to the theatre. It's a large 1500-seat covered theatre essentially in the middle of nowhere. You're surrounded by green and nature and it's so serene and peaceful to take a seat and hear birds and crickets in place of highway traffic. The cast was amazing and you were totally transported to another place and time. If visiting the area, be sure to check the calendar of performances and see if you can take in a performance. It's one of the most memorable plays and venues I've been to - and there have been many. Everyone living in or visiting the Midwest should experience it at least once.

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