Friday, March 1, 2019

A Wisconsin Road Trip with Betty the Mazda6

We are in the season of restaurant weeks, where many cities and counties are holding events with special menus and pricing to draw in customers during a slow time of the year and introduce them to dishes they may not have tried before.

I was invited up to Kenosha, Wisconsin to preview some restaurants that were participating in their restaurant week. We planned to be there for two days and visit six eateries, So, yeah, a trip to do nothing but eat. How could I pass that up?

For the trip, Mazda provided a 2018 Madza6 Signature for me to use for the trip. We've had a lot of snow or really cold temps and despite the slick roads, Betty made it through like a champ. Yes, I called her Betty. I've decided that when I get a car to drive, it must have a name. This car was the epitome of cool and Betty White came to mind when I looked at it because - who wouldn't want to be as cool as her? Another really nice feature of driving Betty in the winter is that she had heated seats AND a heated steering wheel. One day the high was 8 degrees and i was so glad to warm my hands up on the steering wheel. She had heated side mirrors, too - another convenient feature.

I loved Betty's color. It was a blueish gray hue called Blue Reflex Mica. That color along with the sleek design made her look pretty sharp and it made me smile each time I walked toward her to get in the driver's seat.

With a touchscreen, back-up camera, moonroof, Apple CarPlay and keyless entry, it had all the bells and whistles that help ensure an easy, luxurious driving experience. Safety features included the lane keep assist, lane departure warning and blind spot monitoring. 

Betty was comfortable and roomy and I really didn't want to let her go. I could absolutely see myself driving this everyday and loving every minute of it. For more information, visit

And just in case you were wondering what we at on our trip. Here's a little bit of what we enjoyed.

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