Monday, June 24, 2013

Eastern Illinois University Campus, Charleston, IL

I recently decided to take my dad on a road trip to revisit the town he (and my mom) grew up in - Charleston, Ilinois. He was born there and lived there until the mid-1960's when he and my mom relocated to the Chicago area.

First we visited the house Dad was born in. Next we had lunch with two cousins who still live there. Then we hit the EIU campus. At the time my dad lived there, EIU had a grammar school and high school on campus and it was a teaching college. He attended grades 1 - 8 in what is now Blair Hall. High School classes were on the second floor of "Old Main" the big building close to the road on Lincoln St. that resembles a castle. Then he went to college on the campus, too, to earn his accounting degree.

We had fun checking out Old Main, which is mostly offices now. There were a few classrooms at one end of the second floor where my dad once attended classes. I'm not sure what the rooms are used for now, but one peek and you felt like you were back in 1955. Not a hint of technology in the room. No computers. There were desks, a clock, blackboards and a pencil sharpener that was probably 60 years old. However, the place was SPOTLESS!! It didn't look like a classroom that was over 110 years old.

I love the woodwork in Old Main. Isn't it beautiful. And look at the door on the right...see "Grammar" etched in the glass.

Old Main from the outside.

Call me crazy, but I had to take a pic in the bathroom. One of the cleanest public bathrooms I have ever seen. Looks at that tile -- probably original to the building.

Napoleon, a stray dog that became a school mascot is buried on the campus grounds. He was around when my dad was a student there and dad remembered him.

The campus is beautiful and if you happen to be near the area, take a little time for a walk around campus (be sure to visit Campus Police at 7th and Grant for a visitor pass to avoid a ticket.)

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