Sunday, December 31, 2017

Top Travel Posts for 2017

I've been doing end of the year round-ups on the food blog ( and wanted to take time to do one here, also. I wanted to share the most-viewed posts on the Midwest Family Traveler blog this year.

It's so much fun making our way around the Midwest throughout the year and sharing those fun destination and attractions we come across. I hope you'll scan through and think about visiting some of these, as well.

1) LeClaire, Iowa

2) Hostetler's Hudson Auto Museum

3) Peteyville

4) Abraham Lincoln Presential Museum & Library

5) Blue Gate Garden Inn

6) Indianapolis Zoo

8) Locavore Farm

9) John Deere Pavilion

10) Craft Beer Cruises at Navy Pier

12) Thunderbay Falls in Galena

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