Monday, December 4, 2017

It's A Wonderful Life: The Musical at Theatre at the Center

There area a handful of holiday movies I could watch over and over and over - and I do. Some of the classics have to be watched each year for the season to be complete. One of those is It's a Wonderful Life. It's a throwback to a simpler time, but the sentiment is the same. It carries many of the themes that define the season - giving to those in need, being generous, counting your blessings, seeing the value of people over money, recognizing the gift of friendship, celebrating with those we love. 

All of those themes are also present in the production of It's A Wonderful Life: The Musical playing through December 23 at the Theatre at the Center in the Center for Visual and Performing Arts in Munster, Indiana. And it's just as endearing as the black-and-white Jimmy Stewart classic that I watch on television each year.

I had actually seen this musical many years ago - at least a decade or so-  at the same theatre with my father and oldest son and was excited to see that it was returning again this year. A few months ago, I decided to start volunteering as an usher at the theatre occasionally,  so I've already had the pleasure of seeing it twice. And I'll be there to see it at least once more during its run. And I could still watch it over and over...just like the movie.

The vocals are outstanding and the acting is magnificent - from David Sajewich as George Baily and Allison Sill as Mary to James Harms as Potter to Julian Solis, Kylie Sullivan and Liliana Rene as the Bailey children - Tommy, Beth and Zuzu. David Perkovich is so delightful as Clarence the Angel that I enjoyed his version of role even better than that of Henry Travers in the movie. Likewise for James Heatherly's version in the musical of Uncle Billy. 

Many of the songs are catchy, cheery and upbeat and others hit you in the heart like an emotional gong. Try and get through it without tears. I dare ya. :) Click here for more on the musical and a schedule of performances.

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