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Tyler's Tender: Schererville, Indiana

If you have some young train fans in your family, Tyler's Tender is a place to definitely add to your itinerary. With an adorable train theme, kids have an opportunity to ride a kiddie train, push buttons to operate a train display in the dining room and have their meal delivered to they via train at the counter seats. There's also a connected arcade with a few video games and pinball machines, air hockey and my personal favorite - skee ball.

Oh, and the food is quite good, especially for a place centered around kids. I've tried a lot of their wraps and sandwiches and burgers, which really exceeded expectations. The homemade potato chips are a favorite of mine. The kid menu includes most of the standard kid fare with plenty of options. The kids also give the milkshakes high marks.

We've been going there for years and I had a few birthday parties there for my kids when they were younger. On this visit, I took my 8-year-old niece - and also my dad who I had told about th…