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Ten ways to celebrate Christmas in July in Santa Claus

One of our family's favorite vacation spots is Santa Claus, Indiana. For couples who aren't at the stage for an exotic getaway on a tropical island, but who want to find a family friendly spot with lots of activities for all ages, they'll find it in this little Midwest town. Santa Claus really sparkles with celebration in the height of summer when water if flowing and roller coasters are whizzing and the town's biggest attraction, Holiday World Amusement Park and Splashin' Safari Water Park. There's also lots of other fun to be had in the area and here's a list I put together. (This article originally appeared at
Ever wonder where Mr. Kringle goes to relax and get away from the North Pole? He has his own vacation spot and it happens to be in Indiana – Santa Claus, Indiana that is. In the small town in southern Indiana named for the big man in red, signs of Christmas are all ov…

The Summer Bucket List

Ok, I've been absent from this blog for a while as I'm much more active on my other blogs - Chicago Foodie Sisters, which has daily posts and Adventures in Motherhood, which has new posts usually one to three times a week. I'm hoping to get in a regular posting routine on here, so I can share lots of my favorite summer spots. There's what -- 92 days in summer? If I really get with it, I can post something for each of those days.

It's not officially summer, but I am in full summer mode now that the kids are out of school and I'm planning out some summer fun. I just thought I'd share my summer bucket list that I made up today. My goal is to do at least half of the 50 items listed. I'm already off to a good start. Everything listed is pretty local - within an hour or so and I've got a few checked off already. I'll have to make another list for some of the places I'd like to travel to this season. What's on your summer bucket list?

Summer Buc…