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Cub Run Cave: Cub Run, Kentucky

With all the traveling our family has done, we've been in a number of caves. Cub Run Cave is one that we've visited recently that we thoroughly enjoyed. Although you go deep into the cave and see plenty of amazing formations, it didn't seem to have quite the amount of stairs and steep climbs as others we've been in. The inside of the cave was amazing. I didn't realize until our tour was finished that I'd had my camera on the wrong setting, so many of the pictures were blurry. Here's a few that weren't too bad that give you a glimpse of the cave's beauty.

Tours at this cave or a fairly new thing. It was first discovered in 1950 and open for tours for a short time. Then it was shut down for 55 years. It re-opened in 2006 with modern lighting and a newly constructed wooden walkway.

One great thing about caves is that they are not a seasonal attraction. The temperature underground is steady throughout the year. It feels the same inside the cave whether…

John Hancock Observatory

Last weekend we were heading into downtown Chicago to check out the Christmas scenery and do some shopping. Since we'd be on the Mag Mile, I suggested to my husband that we visit the John Hancock Observatory. I had never been up to the observatory on the 94th floor, but I had been to the 95th floor to dine at the Signature Room. It's a cool experience, especially at sunset. 
One hint for anyone who drives a huge van like we do - you won't fit into the parking garage! It had a 6 ft. 7 clearance, which we learned wasn't enough as we scraped as we headed in. We found a garage a couple blocks over with the 7 ft. 7 clearance and we were good to go. They were even offering a rate of $14 for 5 hours for the holidays. Wouldn't you know it, we got back to the garage after 5 hours and 12 minutes and our parking fee shot up to $31. Gotta expect that in the city.
Anyway, to enter the observatory, you actually walk down a floor from Michigan Avenue. I had checked out prices on…